Cyber Defense Technologies (CDT) is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and cyber security firm that provides consulting and security services to clients around the globe.  CDT was founded by industry experts who have a wealth of experience securing government and commercial systems.  We have a highly experienced staff of cleared experts ready to secure your networks, environments, and applications.


CDT is based in Reston, Virginia, roughly twenty miles outside of Washington, D.C., but is available to serve clients across the globe.  We can guarantee that if you utilize our team for your security needs, we will significantly reduce your risk from a cyber attack.  

Our Story

In early 2010, William Kimble and James Wright were approached by their former supervisor who asked that they ensure the security of the operation center he was running.  One penetration test later and CDT was officially born on April 14, 2010.


William and James realized that they could offer a much more focused approach to cyber security than the larger companies they had worked for previously.  By remaining a small “niche” company, they realized they could work with all clients, regardless of size, have little to no lead time for projects, and focus on each client individually instead of building a “client portfolio”.  With years of experience in the security industry, William and James already had a large network of security and information professionals they could call upon, and were aware of conferences and other events in which they could further network to build a solid team.  


William and James founded the company on the basis of “Securing Excellence”; our aim is to secure the systems of excellent clients, through a highly skilled, experienced, excellent team.  At CDT we want to allow you to concentrate on what you do best by doing what we do best: cyber security.  


When the company was first founded, William and James worked from their kitchen table after work and on weekends. Our reputation of excellent service and hard work brought in a wealth of clients.  Today, CDT is based in Reston, Virginia but serves clients throughout the globe.


Giving Back

As a 100% veteran-owned company, CDT, now in its first full-time year, will pledge a percentage of its profits to charities that support our veterans .