Cloud Security

Moving to the Cloud?

Concerned about security?  We can help.





In today’s IT environment, many organizations are moving their environment, applications, and services to a cloud infrastructure.  Security should be a primary concern regardless of which cloud platform you are moving to: public, private, or hybrid.


In the past few years, the cloud has grown increasingly popular, resulting in a large number of service providers.  With so much at risk, it is important to ensure you are getting the level of security you are paying for.


Regardless of how secure your cloud service appears to be, your environment is often just as vulnerable to an attack as it is outside of the cloud.






Cloud Vulnerability Assessment

Discover what the risk to your cloud-based environment is with a cloud vulnerability assessment.  Regardless of whether you are hosting a web application from a cloud environment or using cloud-based services for your corporate network, vulnerabilities are present.  A small misconfiguration in a border device, an out-of-date application, a weak form of encryption, and/or a myriad of other elements may present an easy target for potential attackers.  It is imperative that an organization regularly assess these kinds of vulnerabilities.


Determining cloud vulnerabilities may be challenging if a cloud provider is not forthcoming as to what what level of security is really being provided.  With a cloud vulnerability assessment, our team can not only identify any vulnerabilities specific to your environment but also those caused due to errors on the part of your cloud provider.


Cloud Penetration Test

Sometimes simply identifying and patching vulnerabilities is not enough.  To truly test your cloud environment, whether it be an application or service, you need to perform a cloud penetration test.  A cloud penetration test will highlight the weaknesses and potential impact caused by a cyber-attack against your cloud environment.


Cloud Service Provider Testing

If you are building your own cloud hosting environment to host multiple platforms, our team can assess that too.  Security is a primary concern with moving to the cloud.  We can help alleviate this concern by ensuring the security you are providing to clients.  We can custom build an assessment to meet the size, scalability, and demands of your environment.