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Cyber Defense Technologies (CDT) is a product of the defense technology community. Our leadership at Cyber Defense Technologies (CDT) has years of experience in supporting the DoD, intelligence community, federal/civilian government organizations, and many leading commercial organizations.  Cyber Defense Technologies (CDT) was created in an attempt to give these communities the best possible service.  We offer a wide array of highly-skilled engineers with security clearances.  We are available for priming and teaming efforts for both short-term and long-term contracts.


In addition to serving various government contracts, we also serve commercial organizations with full-time consultants.  Our consultants can serve your organization in virtually every facet of information security.  We have consultants in Fortune 500 companies who serve as Information Systems security managers, security engineers, security architecture engineers, and more.  







Cyber Defense Technologies (CDT) brings together a comprehensive combination of engineers, expertise, tools, and best practices to deliver true cyber defense through in-depth security solutions.  With years of experience working within government agencies, our experts know the level of dedication, professionalism, and innovation required to ensure our country’s critical assets are protected and our missions remain successful.  Many of the members of our team have experience serving our country; we never forget what is on the line.


Training & Certifications

Cyber security is an industry that constantly evolves; as one solution to a vulnerability is identified, another is discovered.  In order to mount an effective defense, Cyber Defense Technologies (CDT) believes strong training and certifications are essential.  Our engineers maintain certifications established per the DoD 8570.01 requirement, in addition to the many other technical and offensive security certifications they have earned.  Cyber Defense Technologies (CDT) provides its engineers an internal training program to supplement their skill and industry certifications, ensuring that each of our consultants is of the highest caliber.  Our program allows Cyber Defense Technologies (CDT) engineers to learn, practice, and test functions that they may encounter at a client’s site.  Our training curriculum not only includes lessons but also test environments to practice system hardening, secure architecture design and configuration, and penetration testing.


Cleared Employees

The majority of our engineers possess a government security clearance.  If you have an upcoming cyber project that requires a security clearance, our engineers may be the perfect solution.