Wireless Security

Who else is Accessing Your Wireless Network?

Unauthorized users could compromise your data.





With the mass adoption of wireless technology, it is rare for an organization to operate completely on hard-wired networks. Additionally, with corporate networks seeing an increasing amount of laptops, tablets, smartphones, and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement, most organizations cannot operate without a wireless implementation.


Unfortunately wireless networks can be an easy avenue of attack for an adversary to gain entry into your corporate network. By design, wireless technology is easy to access as initial access is only limited by the receivers ability to receive.  Wireless signals can often be picked up miles from where they are broadcasted with simple, off-the-shelf hardware.  Any information sent over a wireless network is broadcasted to anyone within range, relying solely on encryption technology to protect it. Strong wireless security is therefore essential to any enterprise wireless deployment.






Wireless Assessment

Our wireless assessment will provide a comprehensive review of not only all your wireless access points and related wireless networking device configurations but also how the rest of your environment is protected from your wireless network. This is essential when examining a wireless implementation to ensure that--should your wireless network be compromised--the attacker will be limited when attempting to access the rest of the corporate network.


Our team will identify any weaknesses in the configuration or design of your wireless implementation and review against industry best practices.  We will document any findings and provide you detailed recommendations on how to mitigate those weaknesses as efficiently and effectively as possible thus greatly reducing the risk to your organization's environment and sensitive data.


Wireless Penetration Test

A Wireless Penetration Test is the ultimate test to validate your wireless security implementation.  Not every vulnerability can be fully vetted by a configuration and design review and sometimes it may be necessary to take the next step and attempt to attack the wireless implementation.


With a Wireless Penetration Test, our engineers will not only perform a complete Wireless Assessment but will also validate your wireless security by attempting to gain unauthorized access to the wireless network--for purposes of the test only--using techniques such as spoofing, encryption cracking, and fake AP attacks.  Our engineers will also fully test for any weaknesses that may allow an attacker to transgress from your wireless implementation to the rest of your corporate network.